Arrival in Maui

After the last day of school we drove to San Jose, and got to the hotel about 9:00 p.m.  That was just enough time to go to bed so we could get up Thursday morning at 5:30 a.m.  We dropped off our car at the  long term parking and boarded the shuttle to the airport. We sailed through security  (no pat down, no standing naked in front of anything) at the airport and had time for coffee and waiting for the plane.

The flight was right on schedule and we even arrived in Maui a little earlier than scheduled.  That must of been because there was so much wind and a little turbulence on the flight.  We had a smooth landing despite the wind.


We got our luggage and took the shuttle to pick up our rental car.  Stan had paid for a subcompact car, but all they had was compact cars.  We are driving a Hyundi Elantra.  Comfortable, good air conditioning – but not a Cooper.

The first thing we did in Maui was go to Costco.  We had to eat something and pick up a couple of things.  It was as if we had never left California.

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Then we found our condo that  we are staying in North of Lahaina in a small community called Honokowai. The condo is older but still in good condition.  It is cooler here than in Lahaina so we are able to let the breeze blow through the condo all day long – and night also. The setting is beautiful.  This is a picture taken from the living room looking out the patio toward the pool and the ocean beyond.


Here are pictures of the condo.




This is what the grounds look like:




We are enjoying this!

The Plan

So we bought this lot about 10 years ago. It is an infill lot in a subdivision that dates from the 30’s. The house that was on it burned down of fell down. We bought 7500SF of weeds and debris.

Fortunately, it is zoned for a duplex so that is what we decided to build. These pages will be the saga of that construction project.

We wanted something with a little more interesting floorplan.  After months of perusing the interweb for ideas we cobbled together this floorplan and set it off to our drafting service to turn it into a real plan set.