Thursday, June 12

After being out so late last night it would be expected that we would sleep in, but no – we were again up just as soon as it started to get light.

For a change we decided to eat breakfast rather than just have coffee. We went back to Cheeseburger in Paradise to get their great breakfast – 2 eggs, hashbrowns, & toast with coffee/tea for $5.99, which is a great deal.  Today I decided to try guava juice.  It is sweet, but not too much.  I think I have found a new favorite!  It is easy to find here, but will it be easy to find at home?  That remains to be seen.

As we sat waiting for our food, I couldn’t help but notice one of the homeless men who seem to live in the park under the banyan tree in Lahaina. I’m not sure why what I saw touched my heart so much. Someone had given him a simple bar of soap and he was taking a bath and washing his clothes with it in the ocean.  He was so delighted with his gift and was swimming like a young kid though the water.  Something simple and it made his day.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing at the condo, taking naps and just hanging around.  We wanted to be well rested for the dinner cruise   that Stan had purchased before we left.  I was a little apprehensive because of getting so sick on the submarine ride yesterday.  As we were standing in line waiting to board, my stomach was turning.  I did not want to ruin this when we had been looking forward to it for so long.

We spent the entire time up on the top deck with good reason.  It was an absolutely gorgeous, perfect weather evening.  There was a light breeze, blue sky and puffy white clouds.






We left at 5:30 and motored out about a mile from the shore.  Then we turned and headed north going about 1-2 miles an hour.  During the cruise we went as far as Kanapali before turning around and coming back.  That was exactly enough time for the meal.  It was very peaceful and relaxing to sit and watch the shoreline change and have the breeze blow on you.

The first course was a salad that had lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, nuts, and cranberries in it with a vinaigrette dressing.  It was very good.  Sorry –  Both Stan and I ate it before we remembered to take a picture of it!  (We are still getting the hang of taking pictures of everything like our kids.)

Next, they brought out the complimentary mai tai.  I know that is THE Hawaiian drink, but I’d rather have something else.  One of my co-workers told me to drink one for her – well you know who you are and I tried – but could not.  I think they had other things at the bar, but I was needing to sit down to keep my stomach under control.  I didn’t really want anything else.

Next they brought out our entree.  Stan had prime rib and I had a macademia nut crusted mahi mahi.



wigh_hawaii_P1000844 full mouth!


As we were eating our meal, we had the most amazing sunset I have ever seen!  “The heavens were declaring the glory of God” in a huge way!  I tried to get it all in one picture and and couldn’t.  But these pictures shows a portion of how beautiful the sky looked with the colors stretching completely across the sky.




I spent most of my time taking pictures of the sunset while Stan waited patiently for me to finish.  The man who was providing entertainment by singing told us that there was going to be a full moon that would come up as soon as the sunset was over.

Full moons are important to Stan and I because we unknowingly got married on a full moon.  So we sort of celebrate our wedding every time we have a full moon.  When the singer announced there was going to be a full moon, I looked at Stan because I thought he had chosen the day on purpose – but he said he had not.

So then Stan had to patiently wait again while I tried to take pictures of the full moon.  I finally even got out of my seat trying to get a picture and got caught in a picture.


But I finally got a good shot.


wigh_hawaii_P1000866 including clouds!

wigh_hawaii_P1000867 the boat moved!

It was a wonderful night.  good food, good company, wonderful God who provided the amazing displays of nature.









Wednesday, June 11

We started our morning with walking in beachfront Lahaina just to get some exercise.  It has gotten really, really hot and muggy here so it was nice to start out the morning in the cool.  But as we walked it started getting hotter.

We noticed a craft fair getting set up in the shade “under the banyan tree”.  We looked around a bit and then a little before lunch we decided to come back to the condo and stopped to eat at The Fish MarketWe got Fish and Chips (thankfully only one to share) and still couldn’t eat all of it.

We came back to the craft fair area about 2:00 because we had tickets to get for a submarine ride.  After getting the tickets but before getting on the boat we heard some Hawaiian music and went over to check it out.  There was a group playing and a lady doing the hula to their songs.  They passed out flyers about a show they were doing that night.  We decided to get tickets for the show on Yelp. (Thank you Warren).




We left the Hawaiian music and waited in line to get on the boat for the submarine ride. While we waited the boat docking in the next place came in and several men were really excited because they had caught this 7 foot long swordfish that weighed 50 pounds.  Here is a picture:



We had decided that it might be too shocking of an experience to have two 60+ year olds going snorkeling so we opted to go out to see the fish and coral in a glass bottom boat called The ReefdancerWe could stay in our regular clothes, stay dry, and see what was down under the water. 

That all made logical sense until both of us started sweating like crazy and getting nauseous.  We told the worker blocking the stairs going up on deck that we had to get out of there.  Something on our faces must have given him no doubt of what we said.  We sat on the top deck for the last hour of the trip  (total trip was 2 -1/2 hours) with me fighting hard not to feed the fish.  One of the workers on the submarine told me to hold an ice cold soda behind my ear to ease the nausea.  It really helped!

But no pictures “down under” because we had to run upstairs!  Note to self – “Do not join the Navy,” said Stan.

We were so hot and still nauseous that all we wanted was to get in our pool at the condo.  We hurried home and cooled off in the pool and then slept for an hour.  Next we were on our way to the Slack Key Hawaiian show that we  had purchased tickets for.

We really enjoyed this show.  The singers  George Kahumoko, Jr. and Ledwad Kaapana were so laid back and the music was so relaxing and mellow, along with the cool ocean breezes blowing through the open-air tent setting. Stan and I were not the youngest ones there either! The show started at 7:30 and did not end until 10:00.

Judy got a Lei as a prize from the hula gal because we reponded to their Banyan Tree invite.



Also, the venue was at the prestigious Napili Kai  Beach Resort. A mere 40 years earlier to the day, a much younger Stan Wigh accompanied his family to the same resort. Nostalgia.


Tuesday, June 10

So, on Tuesday morning we relaxed, took naps, laid by the pool for only 1 hour turning every few minutes.  Still we burned and haven’t been able to lay out to tan again.  The sun is way more intense here.  I look at some of the women here who are so brown.  When I look closer they also more wrinkled and the skin is more weathered.  I think I’ll stay pale.

I kept seeing a brochure for a theatrical presentation about the history of Hawaii and how people came to Hawaii in the first place. I talked Stan into going to it on Tuesday night. It is called Ulalena which is Hawaiian for “hopeful and cleansing wind” .  It tells the mythology of how Hawaii’s mountains, volcanoes, oceans, and people came;  then how people from other nations started coming to Hawaii  because of the sugar cane fields and the need for workers, and finally the rise and fall of the Hawaiian Monarchy.

The sound effects were very realistic of wind, thunder,  and storms. The singers had beautiful voices and actors/dancers were very professional.  The lights and effects were wonderfully well done. The only problem was the words were Hawaiian so we had to go by body language to understand what was happening.  There was a program that gave some information about each scene.  We got it when we bought the tickets and then left it at the condo.  But when we got home, we read it and understood more of what happened.

After the show we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise.  We walked up and they took us to a seat by an open air window with a wonderful cool breeze blowing through.  This restaurant was started by a couple of women who came to Maui from Southern California.  They took a chance on starting a burger shop and were wildly successful. The restaurant is right next to the water in a central location.  And, their food is really good.  Stan had a cheeseburger (of course).  I had an ahi tuna salad.










Cheeseburger in Paradise also has a great, inexpensive breakfast of 2 eggs, hashbrowns, toast, and coffee for $5.99 that we have enjoyed a couple of times also.



Monday, June 9

Well, on Monday, June 9 I worked on the previous 4 days of blogs as you can see by when they were posted.  Since we were just learning how to use WordPress and learning how to put in pictures it took most of the day.  Does that count as a relaxing morning?  For Stan maybe.

After lunch we decided to take a break and take a drive. We found the Maui Tropical Plantation.  Stan said it was a tourist trap so we stopped.  Stan said it was a Maui version of Casa De Fruta.  There was a store to buy tourist treasures.  The grounds were meticulously manicured with trees, flowers, and old sugar mill antiques.  Here are some pictures:









Here is a picture of an old woody vehicle that Stan liked so much he wanted to trade it in for our rental car.



The rest of Monday was restful and relaxing.





Sunday’s Spectacular Supper 6/8/14

We are still waking up California time and cannot seem to sleep in even if we have been out late the night before.  We are waking up with the sun – maybe because it is so bright shining in the window.

We ate a sausage and egg breakfast here at the condo and then found a church in Lahaina to worship at.  There were about 50-75 people altogether, but I think there were a lot of visitors like us so we didn’t meet very many people. We came back to the condo and took a nap because we were so tired from staying out the night before.   We also wanted to be wide awake for the evening.

We had dinner reservations at Mama’s Fish House provided by some very special people to us.  🙂 I knew we were in for a special meal when we were not allowed to park our own car and had to let a vallet do it. I had never been to a place like that before.  The Fish House looks like this:


It is right on the shore line in a beautiful setting:


wigh_hawaii_P1000758    wigh_hawaii_P1000762

wigh_hawaii_P1000764    wigh_hawaii_P1000766

Since we had reservations we got in pretty quickly.  We walked through the entire building to the far end.  It was an open-air building so we could feel the breeze throughout our dinner time.

Our waiter, Henry, was very laid back and gently persuasive.  And before we knew it he had talked us into having a drink before eating.


I had the Pau Hana and Stan had the Coconut Mint Refresher. They were excellent.  We will try to duplicate them at home, but know it will not quite be the same.

Next was the appetizer or soup or salad.  We both chose soup.  I decided to try something I’d never tried – Cold Cucumber soup that was incredible.  The waiter talked with the cook and I found out it isn’t really that hard to make since there is no cooking involved.

For our entrees it was so hard  to choose because we knew that everything would be great.  Henry told us that they make new menus every day depending on what fresh fish are brought in that day and what vegetables are available. The menu also gives credit to the fisherman who caught the fish and where it was caught!

Stan got the” A’u Ku Hawaiian Swordfish caught by Vajry Hogye offshore from Hilo, grilled in a ti leaf with papaya, chili pepper, and coconut rice”.


This was “the best swordfish Stan has ever eaten”.

I got “Monchong, Mahimahi and Ahi tuna sauteed in Panang Curry and coconut milk with pea pods, hearts of palm, taro, tropical condiments and Mama’s mango chutney”.


Wonderful curry with tender pea pods and other vegetables. Yum!

Before we went to the restaurant we looked on line at the menu and looked at pictures that people had posted on line.  There were many pictures of a dessert called “Polynesian Black Pearl”.  We had to try it and add another picture to the collection.


This is a chocolate mousse inside a crepe thin cookie in the form of a clam shell.  So rich, but without being extra sweet.  Wonderful.

This was definitely the most memorable meal ever.  What a great way to relax!

Saturday’s Adventures 6/7/2014

We decided to do something different for breakfast this morning.  We had seen Cheeseburger in Paradise in Lahaina advertising breakfast for only $6. Our cheapness lured us in – but the food was excellent.  We plan to return at some point during our stay here.

After breakfast, we decided to go north from our condo to see what was there.  Since it was Saturday, there were lots of people out at the beaches.  Stan thought if we went north there would be less people.

As we were driving he told me that he and his family had come to Maui 1970 and stayed in Napili.  We went looking for the hotel where he had previously stayed.  We found it!  But it looked different.  In 1970 the hotel had mostly natural land surrounding it with just a few buildings here and there.  Now it is upscale with beautiful resorts and fenced estates all around it.

As we continued on 30 North I wanted to stop and take pictures at the turn outs but there were no places for us to stop and park.  We kept driving with the promise we would stop on the way back down. Finally we found a parking area.  What we found was a pathway.  So we decided to find out what was at the end.  There was a beautiful, rocky and sandy beach at the end of the trail where people had come to swim in the ocean or just try to get a tan.

wigh_hawaii_P1000728  wigh_hawaii_P1000729

We walked around and sat on the rocks to listen to the surf awhile and relax.  We took some pictures and Stan started taking selfies of himself. (he has really gotten hooked by his new phone and all its abilities.)  I thought I was taking a picture if him and he fooled me.



We continued going north looking at the views from the road.  Maui is a beautiful place.

We came back to the condo to take a nap because we were going out to the Maui Arts & Cultural Center that night.  We ate dinner at the Cultural Center and then went to a show.


We really had no idea what we were going to.  It was the 15th Annual Zenshin Taiko Festival.  It is a Japanese custom of playing drums.  Students from the age of 6 to adult were part of it.

Drums are not my favorite instrument.  But, what I saw and heard was amazing! The kids were all focused on each other and were exact in their complicated rhythms. There were no kids off on the rhythm and they were alone on the stage – no director to keep them in time.   The kids were able to make noise on their drum, yell during the performance, and it was so obvious that they were having a blast.  I couldn’t help but enjoy it with them.

This group has been together for 15 years and have traveled to California and other states.  This year they are going to Japan to perform.  These kids were confident, happy, and being rewarded for all their hard work.  It was so great to see the parents as happy about their kids drumming as the kids were.

It was a great cultural experience.

Friday Shopping!!

We decided to to to Lahaina for breakfast at Starbucks.

On the way to Lahaina we found a Farmers Market and stopped to check it out.  We got some fresh butter lettuce, green beans,  celery, pineapple,  and a special dip that had Maui onion and Balsamic in it. We had the beginning of our dinner for Friday night.

Then we got Stan his coffee at Starbucks.  Somethings never change!


As we watched people coming and going into Starbucks, Stan told me that I needed a new dress to wear here because all the women here wear dresses to keep cool.  ( I had done what he said – just pack a few pair of shorts and some T-shirts and maybe a pair of slacks for dress up when we went to dinner. )  Opportunity for new clothes?  All right!

We walked all around downtown Lahaina going in all the clothing stores to see if there was something there for me.  I wanted: -something that didn’t SCREAM “Hawaii!!” so that I could never wear it again (unless I came back to Hawaii).  I wanted something that was comfortable to wear, so for me that meant no strapless and made out of cotton.  I wanted something that was not too expensive.

Every shop we went in had clothing made of polyester or the
“new rayon”.  Most of the clothing was strapless to optimize tanning. And the prices were a range of reasonable to Expensive.

So Stan took me shopping where the rest of the Hawaiians go – to the Maui Mall in Kahaluia.  It was there I found 2 cotton skirts and 2 cotton T-shirts that I could wear when we went out at night. He was pretty tired  and hungry when the shopping was over.

On the way back to the condo we saw street vendor called Ono’s Tacos.  We had seen an advertisement for them with 4- 1/2 stars and there were lots of people there so we stopped to see what was happening.




We found incredibly good fish tacos and some really nice people who run it. Hunger was now taken care of.

Stan had decided he wanted fish for dinner so we stopped at another place we saw called the Fish Market.  It turns out that it is both a market and a restaurant.  We bought some MahiMahi that was so fresh and wonderful.  Dinner planned.  It was 3 p.m. Time for a nap!


Arrival in Maui

After the last day of school we drove to San Jose, and got to the hotel about 9:00 p.m.  That was just enough time to go to bed so we could get up Thursday morning at 5:30 a.m.  We dropped off our car at the  long term parking and boarded the shuttle to the airport. We sailed through security  (no pat down, no standing naked in front of anything) at the airport and had time for coffee and waiting for the plane.

The flight was right on schedule and we even arrived in Maui a little earlier than scheduled.  That must of been because there was so much wind and a little turbulence on the flight.  We had a smooth landing despite the wind.


We got our luggage and took the shuttle to pick up our rental car.  Stan had paid for a subcompact car, but all they had was compact cars.  We are driving a Hyundi Elantra.  Comfortable, good air conditioning – but not a Cooper.

The first thing we did in Maui was go to Costco.  We had to eat something and pick up a couple of things.  It was as if we had never left California.

.14 - 1

Then we found our condo that  we are staying in North of Lahaina in a small community called Honokowai. The condo is older but still in good condition.  It is cooler here than in Lahaina so we are able to let the breeze blow through the condo all day long – and night also. The setting is beautiful.  This is a picture taken from the living room looking out the patio toward the pool and the ocean beyond.


Here are pictures of the condo.




This is what the grounds look like:




We are enjoying this!