Final day Phase 1 Plumbing

It is Saturday morning.  All we have to do today is put the tub boxes on to protect the tub pipe when they pour the slab for the foundation.  We looked in several stores to find tub boxes.  The responses were, “What is that?” or “Nope, we don’t carry those.” Stan looked on line and they wanted $15 for each tub box – a little steep for what it is.

So Stan put on the engineering hat and decided he would figure out a way to make a tub box.  We went to Walmart and found some plastic tubs at a really cheap price – 2 tubs for $4.50.  We needed 8 tubs which came out to a total of $18 total.  As you can see it was a lot cheaper than it would have been if we had gotten them on the internet.


Yes, Stan had to do some cutting to make them fit over the pipe that he was trying to protect, but I think he gets an A+ for his engineering of his own tub boxes.



There’s the DIY tub box!

He got two of the boxes totally installed and then there was a terrible racket!  And then there was nothing…  What’s wrong with the generator!!!???