Out On Workers Comp


Well, I send my apprentice to the store to get a part and she trips on the curb and sprains her ankle. I am almost positive its because she doesn’t like digging and can’t keep up with the Old Timer (me). So she is sitting at home sipping ice tea while I am toiling away.

                                                                                          P1010080            P1010081

You can see the bruise from the sprain all the way around.  I really sprained it!  It’s been hard to walk up and down stairs but after a week it is getting better.  The internet says it can take 4-6 weeks to fully heal!

Back to the Lot:  The question was how are we going to get all the dirt back in the trenches so that we can get the foundation poured?  Warren is too far away – too long of a commute to help us.  Wes is working nights and is catching his z’s during the coolest part of the day.  Who could we find that would be strong and willing to help and would do a great job in exchange for pumpkin empanadas?  We thought and thought and found that person to be our favorite son-in-law.



As you can see Andres drug and pushed the dirt into the trenches and Stan kept the dust down and helped get the dirt packed using the water.  They were finished in record time without wearing the “old folks” out!