Monday, June 16

We woke up early again this morning.  In fact so early that we got to Starbucks and we weren’t sure it was open yet!  We enjoyed our coffee/tea and today I had an apple fritter.  Stan had his usual blueberry muffin.

After breakfast we were talking about what were we going to do today.  We had made a list of things we wanted to do and we have almost completed that list.  And we only have 1 more day now to do that.  As we finished our muffin, Stan said, “Let’s just go for a ride.”

We had no idea where we were going – at least I didn’t – we just started driving down highway 30 South from Lahaina and then as the road turned North toward the airport we followed it up to Wailuku.  As Hwy 30 changed to Hwy 340 we kept going Northwest and stopped at Waihee Beach Park that is near Waihee Municipal Golf Course. We walked along the beach there and took these pictures:









After our walk we got back in the car and continued driving up  Hwy 340  (Kahekili Hwy) because the view was so incredible as we got higher and higher.  The sky was that clear,  beautiful blue with puffy white clouds and just the right temperature.  There were houses that had “multi-million dollar views” that we drove by.





Of course most of the best shots were at places we could not stop.  It seemed the higher we went the more extravagant the houses became and the narrower the road became.  There was a sign advertising the best banana bread around.  We thought we would keep driving until we found that, but we reached a point on the now one lane road where we both wanted to go back because it was just plain scary – beautiful but scary. And even if the banana bread was the best, we didn’t feel like it was worth chancing it.

As we came back down from this area we could see Haleakala in the distance.  Every day that we have been here it has been covered with black clouds, so we never wanted to go.  But today, there were only a few clouds that were white.  We decided to go for it.

We stopped at Safeway to get a picnic lunch, then Costco to fill up the car with gas and we were on our way.  As we climbed higher and higher we could see the town below and the ocean waves rolling to shore. It was so beautiful, but my camera didn’t really show what it was like.  In a little over an hour we had driven on the Haleakala Hwy from sea level to 10,000 feet!





wigh_hawaii_6_16_14_32 wigh_hawaii_6_16_14_31



We got out of the car to go to the visitor look out point.  Stan took some panoramics (see header for today) of the area around the visitor center.  We started feeling kind of funny so decided to have our picnic lunch.  It didn’t help.  We had been attacked by altitude sickness and needed to go back down the mountain as quickly as we could.  So much for great picture taking opportunities.



We both feel better now, but we are staying in tonight!