So after getting quotes for fire sprinkler pipe in Fresno ($2.71/ft and I need 360 feet) we decided to drive to Burbank and go to a fire supply distributor. Drum roll please, the tab was $ 0.67 per foot ! I love Fresno!



Since we were in Burbank, We decided to go to IKEA !  And we had a truck ! What Luck !




For the second time in our 15 years of marriage, I let Judy buy furniture ! You can see why she keeps me !




We were hungry, but we decided to forgo the Swedish meatballs and go to Umami Burger. This is definitely a 1%er hamburger.


IMG_20141011_131332_432   IMG_20141011_131338_135


Then we headed back home. But wait! There is something new at Tejon Ranch!



A new outlet mall !


It was a great day ! Judy is so excited that I let her buy furniture and clothes ON THE SAME DAY !





Back from the doctor and we now know what kinds of toys Baby H will want to play with !

Grandpa-in-waiting (Stan) is painting the guest room (now guest nursery) BLUE.



The Uncles will be thrilled !




You all remember Judy and I digging around gluing plastic sewer pipe together in July, right?


The glue is back!


So this time we are putting in the connections for the sinks and stuff and connecting that thru vent pipes thru the roof. The vent equalizes preasure in the drain and sewer and keeps a vacuum in the sewer from sucking all the water out of the traps and letting stink out of the sewer and into the house.


IMG_20141008_160728_305  IMG_20141008_160745_815

Bathroom sink (right) and toilet vent (left).                       Thru the roof.

IMG_20141008_160602_305  IMG_20141008_160830_802

Island sink (left) and wall sink (right)


IMG_20141008_160716_371  IMG_20141008_160847_821

Washing machine hookups.


IMG_20141008_160936_404  IMG_20141008_160525_040

Cleanouts in wall.


IMG_20141008_160930_594  IMG_20141008_160918_160

Vents in Attic.