2017 Travels

We packed the trailer and hit the road.

Stopped in Las Vegas and ate at Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay. Buffalo Burgers.

On To Zion National Park

Followed by Jackson Wyoming

White water rafting on the Snake.

Opening night at the Grand Teton Music Festival. We have culture.

Dinner at Mo’s


On to South Dakota

Walleye for dinner

Mount Rushmore

Jelleystone, Mamouth Pools

Livingston Montana

Coeur de Alene

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Crawfish Ettufee

Saturday night at the theater


Bosnian food

Peanut butter, Jalapeno, bacon cheeseburger.

Scallops and Seafood Gumbo at Griffs in Winchester Bay

Saw “Princess Bride” at the Egyptian Theatre in Coos Bay

Did I mention Dinosaurs?


Headed Home

Real Food

I think We were Missed


While it may be ever so humble, there is no place like home. Sort of.  We had to go – today – Wednesday June 18, and we couldn’t stay any longer.

We had to be at the airport at 10:30 giving us plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast.  We decided to go back for the 3rd time to Cheeseburger in Paradise because it is right by the water and they are the most reasonably priced breakfast we found.  It was wonderful to listen to the waves lapping against the rocks as we ate bargain breakfast and then lingered a little.

Our waitress today was Lucile – or Lucy.  She told us that she was the original employee of the two Southern California ladies who came back to Maui to start this restaurant.  She had been working for 25 years in the same place.  She was so friendly – shaking hands with everyone and getting their names and their stories.  We told her it was our last day there and we were on the way to the airport.  She remembered that and commented about it as we finally walked out the door.  She did the same for each of the other groups of people who were there.  What a great waitress!

The plane ride home seemed like it took forever.  Maybe it was because the ticket said we leave at 12:50 p.m. and get to San Jose at 8:45 p.m.  It just seemed longer!  But finally we were home.

Absent from Maui’s 5 star cuisine, was one food group which caused Stan to long for California.


Yes as soon as we landed and picked one very dirty Mini in the long term parking lot, we found the pot of culinary gold at the next stop light!

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

After our pot of culinary gold, we drove home finally getting there at 1:00 a.m. which was 10:00 p.m. in Hawaii time.  So why were we so tired??  What a great vacation!  We will never forget it Warren!


Monday, June 16

We woke up early again this morning.  In fact so early that we got to Starbucks and we weren’t sure it was open yet!  We enjoyed our coffee/tea and today I had an apple fritter.  Stan had his usual blueberry muffin.

After breakfast we were talking about what were we going to do today.  We had made a list of things we wanted to do and we have almost completed that list.  And we only have 1 more day now to do that.  As we finished our muffin, Stan said, “Let’s just go for a ride.”

We had no idea where we were going – at least I didn’t – we just started driving down highway 30 South from Lahaina and then as the road turned North toward the airport we followed it up to Wailuku.  As Hwy 30 changed to Hwy 340 we kept going Northwest and stopped at Waihee Beach Park that is near Waihee Municipal Golf Course. We walked along the beach there and took these pictures:









After our walk we got back in the car and continued driving up  Hwy 340  (Kahekili Hwy) because the view was so incredible as we got higher and higher.  The sky was that clear,  beautiful blue with puffy white clouds and just the right temperature.  There were houses that had “multi-million dollar views” that we drove by.





Of course most of the best shots were at places we could not stop.  It seemed the higher we went the more extravagant the houses became and the narrower the road became.  There was a sign advertising the best banana bread around.  We thought we would keep driving until we found that, but we reached a point on the now one lane road where we both wanted to go back because it was just plain scary – beautiful but scary. And even if the banana bread was the best, we didn’t feel like it was worth chancing it.

As we came back down from this area we could see Haleakala in the distance.  Every day that we have been here it has been covered with black clouds, so we never wanted to go.  But today, there were only a few clouds that were white.  We decided to go for it.

We stopped at Safeway to get a picnic lunch, then Costco to fill up the car with gas and we were on our way.  As we climbed higher and higher we could see the town below and the ocean waves rolling to shore. It was so beautiful, but my camera didn’t really show what it was like.  In a little over an hour we had driven on the Haleakala Hwy from sea level to 10,000 feet!





wigh_hawaii_6_16_14_32 wigh_hawaii_6_16_14_31



We got out of the car to go to the visitor look out point.  Stan took some panoramics (see header for today) of the area around the visitor center.  We started feeling kind of funny so decided to have our picnic lunch.  It didn’t help.  We had been attacked by altitude sickness and needed to go back down the mountain as quickly as we could.  So much for great picture taking opportunities.



We both feel better now, but we are staying in tonight!

Sunday June 15 Father’s Day

We decided to go to breakfast this morning instead of going to Starbucks.  In the shopping center, Cannery Mall in Lahaina, there is a restaurant named Lu Lu’sWe had noticed it before, but today we decided to go in.  The windows open up so the breezes blow through the restaurant making it very pleasant inside.

We sat down by a window and decided that what really tickled our taste buds was the Crab Cakes Benedict. Just the sound of it make my mouth water.  We were deliciously happy with our choice. Eating Canadian Bacon  Benedict will never be the same ever again.





After breakfast, we decided to go to Calvary Chapel at Wahikuli Wayside Park also in Lahaina.  They have a service in a church facility at 8:30 and then go to the park and have another service at 10:30.  The weather outside was beautiful – a slight breeze and even if you were in the sun it was not too hot.



Today the Pastor (Steve Santos) talked about I Samuel 15 where King Saul was chosen by God to be the king of Israel because he was taller than everyone else, good-looking, humble and wanted to do whatever God wanted him to.

He was given power, money,  & position and it destroyed him.  He thought he was above the law and no longer had to do what God asked.  He thought he could do what he wanted and tried to justify doing other than what God asked him to do.

At the end of Saul’s life God was grieved that he had made Saul king.  The question to us was: When we get to the end of our life will it grieve God to have put us in the positions he has or not?

As I think about my dad’s death on this Father’s Day I think about what my Aunt Virginia said in the eulogy she wrote about my dad.  She said he never even considered doing anything other than what he should.  That from his sister!  What a great way for your sister to remember you. How much more important that would be to have that come from God himself.


On our way to Father’s Day dinner look what we saw!  Yes it had been raining off and on all afternoon.


Stan had made reservations to go to Sugar Cane Maui in Lahaina.  We were seated on a balcony overlooking the ocean where we could see another beautiful Maui sunset and watch people as they walked by across the street.



The food was excellent and “memorable” as Stan says.  Our waitress Taran was so helpful with suggesting things.  She would get really excited when we chose something she suggested because she said she knew we would really like it.  And she was right!

This was our appetizer -Sesame Crusted Ahi Tatak (Asian slaw, wasabi, pickled ginger and ponzu).  Incredibly tasty!


Stan chose Roasted Local Monchong Filet. (Kula leek and edamame fondue, sticky rice and Lilikoi beurre blanc).  It melted in your mouth.


I chose Seared Mahi Mahi fillet. (Thai spiced red and green curry broth, coconut scented jasmine rice, Maui gold pineapple salsa and mixed sprouts).  Wow! and just the pefect amount.


Since it was Stan’s night he wanted to have desert and chose Banana Fritters with Chocolate Ganache.  They were brought to us still warm and moist.  Soooo good!


As we ate we enjoyed another Maui sunset that was amazingly beautiful.  The heavens are declaring the glory of God!!


Friday, June 13

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places I have had the opportunity to see.  Today we drove around in the residential “Upcountry” area of Hawaii.

Hawaiians live in a different part of the island than where tourists live.  Tourists live next to the beach area.  But, Hawaiians live in the “upcountry” on the mountains near the areas where they grow the sugar cane.  As you look up at the mountains there is an area that is green.  That is where the sugar cane grow, and where the majority of the residents live.

We started out this morning going to the Iao Valley State Park where a war was fought between 4 kings to determine who was going to be the king of the Hawaiian Islands.  The weather is cooler than near the beach and the land is a emerald green with waterfalls flowing through the area.  Beautiful!








The sign above says “Eye of the Needle” which is the narrow, pointed mountain where one of the kings would climb and use as a look out during the war.  That would be really hard to climb!

We stayed at the park for a short time and then drove to Paia for lunch.  We walked around the quaint town thinking at first that it was small and just on the main road.  But, we found that it was a lot bigger than we thought.  As we walked around there was a lot of art and clothing stores in this town.  We also looked at the different menus for the restaurants.  We both agreed that we were intrigued by the Mediterranean/Indian restaurant called Cafe de Amis so we walked back to that restaurant.


We both decided on a crepe filled with chicken, avocado, tomato, cheese (for Stan) and Cesar dressing along with a green salad.  We were hungry and again, we forgot to take a picture before beginning to eat.  But I remembered half way through.


After eating, we drove down Hwy 37 and stopped at Kepaniwai Park – Heritage Gardens.   In the park there were different areas dedicated to the different nationalities who had come to Hawaii to work on the sugar plantations and then stayed.  Different cultures who have created gardens for a memorial are the Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Portuguese and New England.  Here are a few of the pictures. (Click on the link for more).





There was a history of Sun-Yat-Sing who became a revolutionary between China and Hawaii. There was a statue of him farther on down the road.


Stan then told me we were on the back road for the Road to Hana.  He told me that we would drive on it for a while and then turn around.  We drove as far as the Ulupalakua Ranch.  There is a small store to purchase food and tourist trinkets.  Across the way is a wine tasting area where the house was.  It advertised as being halfway to Hana.



The road was soon going into an area where you could not take rental cars.  So we turned around and went back to the condo.  We are eating dinner at the condo tonight.  We are a little afraid to see what the credit card will be. Yikes!

Saturday, June 14

(There are a lot of pictures on this post)

This morning we decided to go to breakfast at the historic Pioneer Inn in downtown Lahaina.  This inn was built by George Freeland who came to Maui as a Mountie, who did not catch the man he was supposed to.  He decided to build a hotel in Maui on the waterfront rather than go back to England and face the consequences there.

The restaurant is a corner open air room that allows one to look at and hear the ocean waves while enjoying your food.  The wait people are very attentive and the food is good.


We both decided to try something different that what we have been eating the last few days.   So Stan had Eggs Benedict and I had an omelet with pineapple and Portuguese sausage- called Mowee Wowee Omelet.


wigh_hawaii_6_14_14_19Mowee Wowee


wigh_hawaii_6_14_14_20Eggs Benedict

There was a craft fair being set up under the banyan tree as we finished breakfast.  There was a Hawaiian lady who was stringing flowers to make lei’s.  I asked her if I could take her picture.  She told me it was easy to make lei’s and that ones made with the plumaria flower last for a couple of days.




There was a parade in Lahaina this morning in honor of  Hawaiian King Kamehameha who united all of the islands so there was a unity rather than division.  This parade is an annual event and the streets were lined with people who had come to watch.  I took many pictures of the parade.











At the very end of the parade was this guy.  His hat says, “I’m the last guy.”


We walked around a little after that and decided to go back to the condo to get in pool to cool off.