So after getting quotes for fire sprinkler pipe in Fresno ($2.71/ft and I need 360 feet) we decided to drive to Burbank and go to a fire supply distributor. Drum roll please, the tab was $ 0.67 per foot ! I love Fresno!



Since we were in Burbank, We decided to go to IKEA !  And we had a truck ! What Luck !




For the second time in our 15 years of marriage, I let Judy buy furniture ! You can see why she keeps me !




We were hungry, but we decided to forgo the Swedish meatballs and go to Umami Burger. This is definitely a 1%er hamburger.


IMG_20141011_131332_432   IMG_20141011_131338_135


Then we headed back home. But wait! There is something new at Tejon Ranch!



A new outlet mall !


It was a great day ! Judy is so excited that I let her buy furniture and clothes ON THE SAME DAY !





While it may be ever so humble, there is no place like home. Sort of.  We had to go – today – Wednesday June 18, and we couldn’t stay any longer.

We had to be at the airport at 10:30 giving us plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast.  We decided to go back for the 3rd time to Cheeseburger in Paradise because it is right by the water and they are the most reasonably priced breakfast we found.  It was wonderful to listen to the waves lapping against the rocks as we ate bargain breakfast and then lingered a little.

Our waitress today was Lucile – or Lucy.  She told us that she was the original employee of the two Southern California ladies who came back to Maui to start this restaurant.  She had been working for 25 years in the same place.  She was so friendly – shaking hands with everyone and getting their names and their stories.  We told her it was our last day there and we were on the way to the airport.  She remembered that and commented about it as we finally walked out the door.  She did the same for each of the other groups of people who were there.  What a great waitress!

The plane ride home seemed like it took forever.  Maybe it was because the ticket said we leave at 12:50 p.m. and get to San Jose at 8:45 p.m.  It just seemed longer!  But finally we were home.

Absent from Maui’s 5 star cuisine, was one food group which caused Stan to long for California.


Yes as soon as we landed and picked one very dirty Mini in the long term parking lot, we found the pot of culinary gold at the next stop light!

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

After our pot of culinary gold, we drove home finally getting there at 1:00 a.m. which was 10:00 p.m. in Hawaii time.  So why were we so tired??  What a great vacation!  We will never forget it Warren!


Thursday, June 12

After being out so late last night it would be expected that we would sleep in, but no – we were again up just as soon as it started to get light.

For a change we decided to eat breakfast rather than just have coffee. We went back to Cheeseburger in Paradise to get their great breakfast – 2 eggs, hashbrowns, & toast with coffee/tea for $5.99, which is a great deal.  Today I decided to try guava juice.  It is sweet, but not too much.  I think I have found a new favorite!  It is easy to find here, but will it be easy to find at home?  That remains to be seen.

As we sat waiting for our food, I couldn’t help but notice one of the homeless men who seem to live in the park under the banyan tree in Lahaina. I’m not sure why what I saw touched my heart so much. Someone had given him a simple bar of soap and he was taking a bath and washing his clothes with it in the ocean.  He was so delighted with his gift and was swimming like a young kid though the water.  Something simple and it made his day.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing at the condo, taking naps and just hanging around.  We wanted to be well rested for the dinner cruise   that Stan had purchased before we left.  I was a little apprehensive because of getting so sick on the submarine ride yesterday.  As we were standing in line waiting to board, my stomach was turning.  I did not want to ruin this when we had been looking forward to it for so long.

We spent the entire time up on the top deck with good reason.  It was an absolutely gorgeous, perfect weather evening.  There was a light breeze, blue sky and puffy white clouds.






We left at 5:30 and motored out about a mile from the shore.  Then we turned and headed north going about 1-2 miles an hour.  During the cruise we went as far as Kanapali before turning around and coming back.  That was exactly enough time for the meal.  It was very peaceful and relaxing to sit and watch the shoreline change and have the breeze blow on you.

The first course was a salad that had lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, nuts, and cranberries in it with a vinaigrette dressing.  It was very good.  Sorry –  Both Stan and I ate it before we remembered to take a picture of it!  (We are still getting the hang of taking pictures of everything like our kids.)

Next, they brought out the complimentary mai tai.  I know that is THE Hawaiian drink, but I’d rather have something else.  One of my co-workers told me to drink one for her – well you know who you are and I tried – but could not.  I think they had other things at the bar, but I was needing to sit down to keep my stomach under control.  I didn’t really want anything else.

Next they brought out our entree.  Stan had prime rib and I had a macademia nut crusted mahi mahi.



wigh_hawaii_P1000844 full mouth!


As we were eating our meal, we had the most amazing sunset I have ever seen!  “The heavens were declaring the glory of God” in a huge way!  I tried to get it all in one picture and and couldn’t.  But these pictures shows a portion of how beautiful the sky looked with the colors stretching completely across the sky.




I spent most of my time taking pictures of the sunset while Stan waited patiently for me to finish.  The man who was providing entertainment by singing told us that there was going to be a full moon that would come up as soon as the sunset was over.

Full moons are important to Stan and I because we unknowingly got married on a full moon.  So we sort of celebrate our wedding every time we have a full moon.  When the singer announced there was going to be a full moon, I looked at Stan because I thought he had chosen the day on purpose – but he said he had not.

So then Stan had to patiently wait again while I tried to take pictures of the full moon.  I finally even got out of my seat trying to get a picture and got caught in a picture.


But I finally got a good shot.


wigh_hawaii_P1000866 including clouds!

wigh_hawaii_P1000867 the boat moved!

It was a wonderful night.  good food, good company, wonderful God who provided the amazing displays of nature.









Arrival in Maui

After the last day of school we drove to San Jose, and got to the hotel about 9:00 p.m.  That was just enough time to go to bed so we could get up Thursday morning at 5:30 a.m.  We dropped off our car at the  long term parking and boarded the shuttle to the airport. We sailed through security  (no pat down, no standing naked in front of anything) at the airport and had time for coffee and waiting for the plane.

The flight was right on schedule and we even arrived in Maui a little earlier than scheduled.  That must of been because there was so much wind and a little turbulence on the flight.  We had a smooth landing despite the wind.


We got our luggage and took the shuttle to pick up our rental car.  Stan had paid for a subcompact car, but all they had was compact cars.  We are driving a Hyundi Elantra.  Comfortable, good air conditioning – but not a Cooper.

The first thing we did in Maui was go to Costco.  We had to eat something and pick up a couple of things.  It was as if we had never left California.

.14 - 1

Then we found our condo that  we are staying in North of Lahaina in a small community called Honokowai. The condo is older but still in good condition.  It is cooler here than in Lahaina so we are able to let the breeze blow through the condo all day long – and night also. The setting is beautiful.  This is a picture taken from the living room looking out the patio toward the pool and the ocean beyond.


Here are pictures of the condo.




This is what the grounds look like:




We are enjoying this!